World Cup Blog: Hated Vuvuzuelas

Vuvuzuela’s sound is everywhere in the stadion and near the games. It sound everywhere at the Africa. Some people hate it, a few low it, but what should be done for them in order to please everybody?

Vuvuzuela horns are very common in the South Africa. Nearly every African seems to have one, and even some non-African had bought some. It’s sound is horrible, but it is yet part of the African culture. Despite of that many people want to deny it, and maybe for a reason. It is bad for your ears, because it’s strenght is even 120dB, and that’s bad. It also spreads infective diseases. I think that it isn’t fair to ban it anyway.

Lets have an example. We in Finland drink beer during the games. And eat sausage, a lot of it. Some people don’t like it, and they consider that we are rude and pigs. Still no one can’t say no for our habits. It’s part of our football culture, and we won’t give it up. Why should Africans do that?

The right answer is money. Colonialism is still seen in a way there, and western peoples way to change African fan culture is quite similar to the time of imperialism. We consider that we have a right to tell them what to do. Even if those horns can damage our ears, it is still not right for us to say no for them. Unfortunately money controls their and our lives. Organisators must do what ever they say, and especially if some American tv-channels say “no”, then it is no. Luckily they haven’t yet accepted tv-channel’s needs.

Of course, there is that other side of mine that says “no” to Vuvuzuelas. In fact, it is very annoying to listen them during the games. I would prefer hearing the crowd and their cheers when something happens, not Vuvuzuelas. Horns’ affection to health is also quite alarming. Tourists’ health has been one of the main themes of FIFA for this WC, and forgetting about their health considering Vuvuzuelas is quite alarming.

All in all, I think that teams and Africans should influence on each other. Maybe Vuvuzuelas should be forbidden when African teams are not playing? Or then there should be some democratic voting about them. But among whom? It’s a hard question. But there will be also some further effect, because those horns will also travel to Europe, and some people start to use them. Hopefull they won’t be a fashion phenomena in the future. Anyway, we should stand them during these WC, because we are still playing in Africa. As said, “when in Rome, do as the Romans do”. It should be the same in the Africa too, right?

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