WC 2010: The meaning of the first game

The first game between Mexico and South Africa ended 1-1. The result was more than good for RSA when comparing to their effort on the field, but what was the real meaning of the game for teams?

South Africa- Mexico: 1-1. Not a future classic, neither the worst game ever. Mexico controlled the game, and RSA just waited for their chance. They scored a goal, but lost due to their horrible defensive play. Though, also Mexicans had problems with defending. The result was bad for both teams, because victory was only thing they were looking for. Taking points from Uruguay or France will be hard.

The first game might have been a reliefing experience for the host country. One point from the first game isn’t what expected, but still it is more than nothing, and the tournament was opened. Now they will have less pressure, because they are certainly underdogs against FRA and URU. If RSA can play better and defend theirselves more carefully they can made a surprise. And those Vuvuzuelas in the audience will certainly help them. None African team can’t stand them, and maybe those horns will give some boost for South Africa in the future.

Mexico finally made a difference to their painful stats, because they had played 5 times in the opening game, but had lost all of them. Now one point is a good start for the tournament. Next games should be easier when they don’t have to care about staying without points, but there is also pressures to win in order to get into quarter finals. With todays effort they will be in trouble against Uruguay, because probably they will have to defend more, and with this sort of defensive play it will be hard. The goalie should also be a bit more careful with the balls, or otherwise they will be beaten badly.

All in all, the first game is always a bit stiff, and now the WC Finals have been opened. Games will get better. Games will be tougher. Finally there will be a winning team, but tournament is always a process for them all- that will end somehow. I hope that RSA could go through to the quarter finals, it could be interesting to see whether they could do surprises or not. At least Finland could have done that, but no luck this time.

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