Propeller Ads review – Is it really worth it?

Lets face it straight. In case you have the chance to use Google Adsense (unlike me), you should really try it. It will guarantee you good income, no matter what’s your geo-location. Unless you are not able to use it, I really recommend Propeller Ads.


Customer service

Propeller Ads is trustworthy network, that has great and fast customer service, that will help you optimize your ad solutions in no time. They will help you even with “stupid questions” and quick. Also, you don’t need to pay anything to gain premium services here, so customer service is available for anyone.

Easy to use

Propeller Ads has plenty of different banners and ad formats for even inexperienced users. You don’t have to do anything else than add an ad channel, and put the ad codes on your website. And that’s it, then you are ready to gain instant profit!

Ad formats vary from on-click to different size of banners. If you have plenty of traffic, you can even have video ads to use and gain even faster money.

Great, detailed statistics

Propeller Ads offers their users stats and detailed graphics for every singe ad unit and every single day. The stats are updating hourly for current day, so you will be up-to-date about how your ads are generating revenue.

Compatible with other Ad-networks

You can use Propeller Ads with any other ad-network like Google Adsense, and it won’t effect your incomes in either one of those. It will increase your income significantly.

Multiple payment methods and quick withdrawal

Propeller Ads offers multiple withdrawal options, varying from Payoneer to Bank transfers. Everyone will find a way to use it, even with low income. It’s also fast – you will get your money after a month, in case you have reached the lowest amount required. For bank transfers you will have to generate at least 500 dollars, others will require $100.


It’s hard to find too many cons. Of course, it’s not Google Adsense, so it won’t offer you as much income as adsense. For some webpages CPM may be low, too. I myself have had average of 0.4-3.0 (mostly at the lower end) of CPM. It might have something to do with my content though and my geo-location.

Maybe one big problem is the lack of PayPal alternative, which would really help withdrawal here.

 Anyway, it’s worth a try. You will make great addition to your current income, and Propeller Ads doesn’t have any malware ads with them. And you are not too restricted with user rules like with Google.

If you are willing to give it a try, please try it via this link here

Propeller Ads – Maybe the best ad service there is

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