Finland is THE World CHAMPION 2011 in ice hockey!

Final in Bratislava, date 15th May. Finland did it, we beat Sweden in the final. And with what numbers! 6-1 is amazing and also humiliating for Sweden. They were a bit arrogant before the game and all the experts in the country said that gold comes for sure. It didn’t, but it’s good for us. Jukka Jalonen did a great job gathering this team and trusting in his players and strategy. Great goalie(s), great duo Immonen Granlund and the battle the team gave.. It was worth the title.

Next year Ice hockey championships are in Finland, which is good, because Ice hockey will be gone from Finnish television (ok, some Finland’s games are shown, but nothing more). Hopefully Finland will renewate their championship. First time for a long time.

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