FIFA world championships online for free – Quick guide for watching all the games!

Picture: james moore (Flickr: Messi, KIlbane and Duff) [CC-BY-2.0 (], lähde: Wikimedia Commons

Again, it’s the time of the year that we are facing plenty of interesting sports events. One of them is definitely the FIFA world cup, held in Brazil. Most of the countries do offer the games on public tv, but for those who are unable to watch the games, we have some solutions.

One good site to view the games is . It has plenty of links for the games and you will see every match with 100 % certainty. However, it’s not that reliable, as most of the streams have super bad quality. But there will be matches for sure.

The best alternative for viewing the games is This site picks up the best quality streams and offers some worse alternative for people that won’t have softwares or enough power on their computer. Thus watching the games will be easy for all. For best experience one should download Acestream-player, Sopcast and VLC media player to watch the games.

One thing to consider is downloading adblock plus, which works on most web browsers. It disables the irritating ads that are most likely making fun of you while you watch the games.

In Finnish:

Lyhyesti sanottuna, mm-kisat ilmaiseksi noista osoitteista. Kaikkiin peleihin tarjolla 99 % varmuudella hyvälaatuisia striimejä, tosin vaarana on, ettei yksikään ole Suomeksi. Mutta tunnelmahan on tärkeintä, eikö?

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