WC 2010 blog: How far can Europe go?

13 European teams – England, Germany, France, Portugal, Spain, Italy, Slovenia, Denmark, Switzerland, Slovakia, the Netherlands, Greece and Serbia – are attending to WC 2010. But how well will these teams be able to succeed in this tournament? This blog will speculate these team’s chances on this tournament.

Good way to start speculating is to rate these teams with their strong points and weakness’. I think that only four of these teams are really able to win or take a medal from the competition, and these teams are Spain, Germany, The Netherlands, Italy and England- in this order.

Time to start the valuating:


Great team, which gave a great display of their strong attackin power against Poland lately (6-0, Spain won). I think that Spain will be the best challenger for Brazil. Spain is a top class team, which has everything that it takes to be the number one. Goalies are world class, especially I.Casillas, who will be their first goalie. Team can rely on him. Also Spain’s defenders, midfield, and forwards are world class. Torres and Villa will be hard to keep for any team, so other should beware of them.

2. Germany

Quite young, but hungry team this year. They have quite balanced team, but unforunately they are lacking some good players, like Ballack. Their skill is still amazing, and I’ll bet that we will see many good and speedfull games when Germany is playing- like in their own Bundesleague.

3. The Netherlands

Good team with excellent midfield and forwards. Dirk Kuyt and Van Persie will be a problem for other teams, and their way to control the game will cause problems for nearly any team. Weak points are their defensive play and goalkeeping, but if they will succeed, then Netherlands will be able to win anything.

4. Italy

Current champion is having many same players as four years ago, and they still have a good defending line, midfield, forwards and excellent goalie. I still wonder whether they are already a bit too old to keep up with younger teams..

5. England

Definitely a team which can take the trophy. Balanced midfield, great forwards (at least Rooney) and good, experienced defenders. My only worry is their goalies, because none of them has been convinsing this season, and actually James has been horrible. But in a tournament everything is possible..

Other European teams:


Afrer winning Euro 2004 trophy their success hasn’t been so good. Their conservative, old-fashioned style worked 2004, but will their updated game philosophy be enough this year? At least their group will be hard, and it will be a battle to even clear the first phase of the tournament.


They cleared their way to WC2010 sensationally by beating, for example, Cze and Russia. They have reached much more than expected, but do they still have hunger to receive more? Players are not from the top teams of the Europe, but team spirit has been a great force to them so far, so why not anymore? At least their group is not the worst one, so with a little surprise a place to quarter finals could be possible.


One of the most underrated teams on this tournament. They are having good players from all over the European top leagues, and their games have been tight, but still under Serbia’s control. They are controlling the game with balanced field, and they may have a chance to beat bigger teams. Their group is challenging, but when playing only a one game against same opponent it is possible to beat them. We will see..


Only Scandinavian team that made it through to the World cup. They have still played well, and with experienced players they can keep their lead much easily than some other teams. They are still lacking great forwards which could solve the games for them, and that’s why it is hard to trust on denmark’s chances on tournament.


The land is known more for it’s achievements in ice hockey, but now it has finally been able to reach a place in the WC finals. Their players are from various leagues of Europe, but they still have quite balanced form with team players. Slovakia’s route to South Africa wasn’t that smooth, but after clearing the qualification it is all just playing and enjoyin the game. I guess they won’t win many games, pnly the game against NZL


Also a bit under estimated team. They are having a mixture of older and younger players, experience and eagerness. They are having many good individuals, and the only guestion is whether they are able to play as a team or not. Only time will tell, but if they will clear their group G, which is a death group, they could have more chances to win.


Their best weapon has been so far their good and smooth playing as a team. Few individuals can make them to play together, and their leadership is adding more and more confidence to the team. Qualification group was a bit easier than some other teams had, but everything counts. Switzerland is aiming to success, and the group in WC finals isn’t that hard either…


A bit old and not so good team. This year is going to be a year without success, and new players will step in. Raymond Domenech hasn’t been good enough to create a solid and strong team that could win something. No chances this year.

That’s all about my thoughts on European teams. The first games are about to be played soon, so I should start to prepare myself. I’ll be back soon!

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