Jalkapallon MM 2010 avauspotku

Tässä blogissa tulen käsittelemään jalkapallon MM-kisoja seuraavien parin viikon ajan (eli muut merkinnät jäävät vähälle). Blogien kieli on englanti, mutta tarjoan myös suomenkielisen version niistä. Syy englannin kieleen on se, että kirjoitan samoja blogeja myös kv. jalkapalloyhteisölle. Helpompaa tuoda valmis aihio tänne ja kääntää, eikö?

Anyway, the actual blog: From the outsider’s point of view

Tomorrow (or, 11th june), it starts: WC 2010 in South Africa. It is something that most of the football fans have waited for (at least) 4 years, and something that may be the place for African football to get famous.

One of the most interesting thing to wait is whether an African country is going to win a medal or not. Africa has started to be in the top of the world on football, but there has been no success in WC’s. This year it may be different. I think that at least Ghana and Cote d’Ivore has what it takes to win a medal. Both teams are ready – not for 1 victory – but able to win, even the gold medal. These teams don’t lack skill, and they are also very excellent teamplayers.

But when talking about tournaments you should not forget teams that are able to make surprises. On my point of view at least Public Republic of Corea (Northern Corea) is able to make at least one surprise. I’m also eager to see team USA to play- their style is quite different to other teams, and the players are also quite unknown. They are playing entertaining games, and that’s why they are also able to win, with aggressive attacking. Of course there could be many other surprising teams, but these are the ones I care about.

Talking about favourites we have only one strong name and other smaller- Brazil is The country that is on nearly anybody’s list to win the gold. They do have a strong team, and good team spirit. That’s why I also think that they could be able to win everything. We can’t neither forget England, Germany, last WC’s champion Italy or Portugal, because those teams play well. How well, we will see it later.

Argentina is one of the most interesting case during this tournament. It has (nearly) always had great tournaments among with great players, but this year I think it’s weakest point is their coach. The Legendary D. Maradona, whose famous for his goal in the quarter final 1986. He sure was a good player, but his way to coach has not been so good so far. Maybe he will made himself famous as a coach one day, but I think that day won’t be in these championships.

All in all, we will have interesting WC2010. Teams are good, hopefully the conditions too, and the ball will be a challenge for the goalies, which will hopefully cause more goals. We will see.

First games on Friday at 15.00 GMT (RSA-MEX) and at 19.30 GMT (URU-FRA). Hopefully we will see great entertainment, at least in the first game. The mood will be high, I think!

Pahoittelen kirjoitusvirheitä.

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